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Our mission is to encourage and create opportunities for competitive junior disc golf with an emphasis on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport. 

A disc golf clinic will take place on Wednesday July 5th at Lions Park to introduce new players and to continue to improve return youth members. Youth league will be sanctioned from July 12 until Aug 16 on Wednesdays at 6 pm. The youth league takes place at Lions Rotary Disc Golf Course in Lions Family Park downtown. Being a WBDGA youth league member is $40, which includes a players pack containing a youth league bag tag and a WBDGA Youth League shirt (+$10 option if you’d like it personalized with name and PDGA#). Membership is also required for kids to play the RotaryLinks course (near the airport), as there are some etiquette rules that need to be acknowledged since it shares the space with the golf course. We hope to increase youth participation at this year’s Oilsands Open IV tournament on Aug 26/27 which will be held at the RotaryLinks course.


The format structure of the youth league is as follows:

• Groups/cards of 2-6 youth competitors will be accompanied by at least one director/official who will mark their scores and help coach them along through the course.

• Scores are entered by an official directly on to the PDGA scoring website.

• The kids are divided up by their age categories into divisions, for example the female junior divisions are FJ18, FJ15, FJ12, FJ10, FJ8 and FJ6.
More information available here: PDGA Youth and Education

• A youth layout (available to view on UDisc) is played every week, which consists of 13 shorter holes that are friendly to the age ranges we see (mostly 8-16 years old). UDisc Youth Layout Link

• At the end of the season the TD (tournament director) will ensure all of the scores have been properly entered into the PDGA Tournament Manager tool and provide a full report to the PDGA including paying any fees (from the club account) to cover sanctioning the event. Below is what the final results look like on the PDGA website after the report has been submitted.

2021 WBDGA Youth League

2022 WBDGA Youth League

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